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Final phase: 2021 to 2024

Melbourne Genomics has demonstrated that genomic medicine improves health outcomes – for genetic conditions that affect the heart, immune system, kidneys, nervous system or blood, and complex conditions in children, cancer care, and infection control.

The focus now is to embed genomics into Victoria’s healthcare system, to ensure a resilient system that is able to respond to current, emerging and future health challenges.

Over the next four years, Melbourne Genomics will accelerate Victorians’ access to the benefits of genomics – quicker and more accurate diagnosis and more precise and efficient treatment.

Through our program of innovation and medical research, Melbourne Genomics will:

  • Drive system-wide adoption of genomics – safely, equitably and efficiently – for patients across Victoria
  • Harness the power of data to accelerate genomic medicine and research and enable precision care
  • Expand and embed genomic expertise, equipping the healthcare and laboratory workforce Victoria-wide.

Genomics is a vitally important capability of Victoria’s health system, necessary to deliver world-class care for Victorians.

This final phase of work is funded by the Victorian Government and the 10 Alliance members. Read more here.