September 16, 2022
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GenoVic is Melbourne Genomics’ clinical-grade system for laboratories that can facilitate each step of a genomic test, securely store the big data it generates, and enable that data to inform a patient’s care.

The new GenoVic update marks a key milestone in the effort to make genomic data reusable. The release – named Baw Baw – allows laboratories to give other laboratories secure access to their data.

“If a patient’s new doctor were to order a genomic test without knowing they already had one, the patient may have to pay out-of-pocket for an additional test,” said Dr Natalie Thorne, Genomic Information Management Lead at Melbourne Genomics.

“This new GenoVic release is the first step in addressing the challenge of data access and reuse. With the right patient consent, laboratories can now use GenoVic to give others access to existing data.”

The new functionality operates in the cloud, ensuring efficient and secure management of big data files. The Baw Baw release also provides users with key user administration features and provides an end-to-end audit trail of all testing activities in GenoVic for assurance.

“Medicare is already starting to fund reanalysis of genomic data. We’re preparing for future demand. With GenoVic, laboratories will have the ability to reanalyse existing genomic information seamlessly and safely, avoiding costly duplication of testing,” said Dr Thorne.

Additional releases scheduled for later this year will build on this functionality and allow other laboratories to request data for clinical use.

This means that if a patient already has a genomic test on file elsewhere, their current laboratory can request this information from the patient’s original laboratory.

“Australians should be able to access genomic-informed care whenever they need it. We need clinical genomic data to be connected across the systems underpinning our health services across the country,” said Dr. Thorne.

“Of course, this capability needs to be underpinned by best practice data management principles, privacy and security. This means patients can be sure their data is available to only the right people for the right purpose.”

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