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Community and patient resources

This section provides information for patients receiving genomic testing through Melbourne Genomics Health Alliance's clinical projects, as well as members of the community wishing to learn more about genomics and genomic testing.

 Download a copy of our patient guide

 Melbourne Genomics created a guide for patients receiving sequencing for genetic conditions through the Alliance. 


 Introducing Genomics - Powerpoint presentation 

  This powerpoint presentation was delivered to an audience of patient advocates in December 2018. It introduces genomics in an easily accessible way
   and is a useful tool for those wishing to learn more about genomics and genomic testing.


Related resources on genomics

Australian Genomics provides information on genomic testing in healthcare, genomicsinfo.org

For those considering an online DNA test or other personal genomic test, our partnering national research program, Genioz, has developed resources highlighting issues and questions to consider, genioz.net.au

Genomics England has published a number of infographics and resources for patients and the community, www.genomicsengland.co.uk/understanding-genomics

NSW Health Centre for Genetics Education also houses fact sheets on genetic and genomic testing directed at patients, www.genetics.edu.au

For more information on genetic testing and support services available in Victoria, see Better Health Channel’s dedicated genetics/genomics section.