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How could genomics help me?

Genomic testing has enormous potential to improve the diagnosis, treatment and management of disease. Results from Melbourne Genomics’ program show 19 times more people with specific health conditions received informative results through genomic testing than from usual care. Nine times more patients had a change in care following their results.

What is the potential for genomics in everyday healthcare?

Making an earlier, more accurate diagnosis

Helping guide patient care

Providing families with answers

Can I have a genomic test?

As of 1 May 2020, genomic testing to diagnose children with a suspected complex genetic condition is funded by Medicare. Findings from Melbourne Genomics clinical projects were instrumental in making the case for this new Medicare funding (which was carried forward by the aligned national alliance, Australian Genomics).

Any questions you have about genomic testing should be discussed with your medical specialists.

More information about genetic and genomic testing in Victoria is available here.