Image of DNA strand with DNA code

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Genomic information

The Alliance is developing a secure system for genomic information that supports doctors, researchers and patients to access the right information when they need it.

Genomic information is precious – to patients, doctors and researchers.

Research informed by genomic information is increasingly integral to improving the healthcare of current and future generations. Melbourne Genomics has found that more than 90% of Victoria’s patients choose to share their genomic information to assist medical research.

Patients, clinicians, medical scientists and researchers have told us that genomic information needs to be shared seamlessly but securely and ethically.

The Alliance is building a genomic information system that will support patient care and enable secure and ethical access to information by doctors, patients and researchers.  

As it is developed over time, this leading-edge system will enable:

  • Doctors to be able to order the right genomic test at the right time for their patient
  • Patients and doctors to get genomic sequencing results
  • Medical scientists to analyse genomic variants and decide which variants are significant to health
  • Medical researchers to securely access data that will drive future discoveries while protecting patients’ privacy and confidentiality

Our genomic information system, GenoVic, will advance disease prevention and better outcomes for patients - contributing to global knowledge and enhancing individual care.