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How are we governed?

The governance structure for the Melbourne Genomics Health Alliance has been designed to ensure goals are achieved, and communication and accountability are strong.

Several groups and committees oversee and provide input into our work, including the Board of Directors, the Executive Management Committee and the Community Advisory Group. In addition, the Human Research Ethics Committee of Melbourne Health ensures the work complies with relevant State and Federal laws governing research.

Governance structure


The Board of Directors

The Board of Directors comprises leaders of the 10 Melbourne Genomics member organisations, with an independent Chair. The Board is responsible for defining strategy for Melbourne Genomics, deciding on what the Alliance should aim to achieve and how best to realise these aims. 

The Executive Management Committee

The Executive Management Committee is an expertise‐based group, responsible for providing advice and recommendations to the Executive Director and Program Team.

The Community Advisory Group

The work Melbourne Genomics undertakes is for the benefit of the community. The Community Advisory Group (CAG) provides input into all aspects of the work, and ensures projects and outcomes reflect the views, wishes and concerns of community and patient groups.